Meiko {Meiko-Zephyr} by Gail Walashek / Your “earth” Mommy

My sweet little fur-baby Meiko – my heart is breaking as I write this, I had to say good-bye to you this morning….. I feel as if I have lost my best friend and I never knew this would hurt so much… I had no idea that I would only have ten years with you and now that seems so short……….. I can not imagine life without you. I miss you so much and will always treasure the days I had with you. I thank the Lord for you, Meiko, and feel in my heart that we will be together again in a brand new world that has no evil or disease or sadness… What a blessing you have been in my life ~ The unconditional love you gave me, your huge heart, your intelligent, intuitive funny little ways.

I remember as if it was yesterday that first day I brought you home with your sister Maya, who bravely scampered right out of the carrier to “explore” her new abode– but that wasn’t your way, Meiko….oh no! You stayed huddled in the carrier corner for hours, venturing out only to hide under the couch – my shy little “fraidy-cat”….. But then you found out how much I loved you and how safe you could feel in my arms. You loved to lay your head in the crook of my neck and shoulder, my little baby, safe and secure, even when there was a big old dog around or something frightening….

I’ll never forget your ways — the wheat grass you loved to munch on just like a little goat, those tinsel balls you and Maya loved to chase and fetch, especially when you were younger, the fear you felt when Maya brought a mouse into the room or a bug showed up, your silent stoicism, the way you loved to sleep right beside me curled up in my arms, shifting with me if I changed position, your companionship when I couldn’t sleep at night even though you couldn’t imagine why your Mommy was up at 2:00 in the morning, you would come downstairs with me to curl up beside me as I read or worked on the computer — the way you always came when I called your name, no matter where you were, your gentle quiet spirit, the way you missed me when I was out of town or away from you and would try to act “mad” but then just wanted to be in my lap purring and telling me you were glad I was home again, that bravery you showed this last week of your life as you valiantly fought for life with each labored breath, how you loved my piano playing and would hop up on the bench right beside me to listen whenever I played, and how just two days before you died you slowly came downstairs for the last time to hear me as those haunting notes filled the air, a last melody being played for you, Meiko, as my heart was breaking.

You have no idea how difficult it was for me to leave you at the vet’s with that dog barking and you being so scared….. But I was desperate to give you a fighting chance for life after we received that devastating news that your little heart was failing…cardiomyopathy. Please forgive me if I tried too hard to save your life, Meiko. I know now that I should have brought you home to be in my loving arms and to spend your last hours in peace…. Thank you for hanging on after I got that terrible call from the vet that you were failing quickly. I am so glad Mike and I got to see you before you left this world to tell you how much we loved you.

Your little heart was huge and your capacity to love unconditionally even larger. You have been my buddy and the most incredible little kitty-cat friend ever…. May you rest in peace, my sweet little Meiko… I love you and will always miss you. I am so thankful that God let me have the pleasure of sharing in your life.


I will ALWAYS love you,
Meiko {Meiko-Zephyr}
Gail Walashek