Merry by Wendy Neill / Your Hu-Mom

I have been showing dogs for many years, and have a houseful of Wheaten Terriers all the time, but something that cold October day in Fairfax, Va. led me to stop at the ASPCA on my way home from work. I missed having my Yorkie Alfie underfoot, and that day, I missed him even more. I spoke to one of the attendants, who took me to this cage, where I got the shock of my life. This broken, half bald, little Yorkie looked out at me with pleading eyes.

She was found, broken and dirty in a dumpster behind a mall. Legs and ribcage were with multiple healing fractures and scratching at fleas had taken most of her fur. One ear was cut off. We eyed each other and made a pact, and I filled out the adoption papers and paid the fee and she was mine. The ASPCA vet warned me that she was an older Yorkie of 7 or 8, but I didn’t care. She would be with me until death did us part. My showdogs eyed her suspiciously, but were friendly and curious. Into the bath we went and came out looking bald, but clean.

Then we discovered such surprises about her. A housebroken Yorkie! An obedient Yorkie! She had a quiet gentle way about her. She was the light in my heart. For 12 1/2 years she remained just that. When I sat, she was in my lap. When I slept, she was on my pillow. When she disappeared one rainy morning, I was devastated. How could this happen? A search posse was formed and I was left home to take phone calls. I stood out on our deck sobbing in the rain and calling her name. As I turned to go into the house there she was! Inside, stretching ever so slowly, savoring every moment. Where had she been? I soon discovered her place. I had a waterbed with drawers underneath it and she had moved things around in my sock drawer until she’d made a nice resting place for her highness. There were many more disappearances, but I always knew where to look.

Years later and now living in Montgomery County, PA, We had a much awaited litter coming. Merry had been failing since she was about 18 years old, but she was contented and she was healthy, just old. Well, now she was 19 1/2 or 20 and things were not so well. Her systems were shutting down, she didn’t see, she had no control of her faculties. A dog that had never been sick in 12 1/2 years was now leaving me. With a heavy heart I drove to my vet and held her close as she was put to sleep. I had her cremated. Her ashes are to be buried with me for all eternity.

Two weeks later my Lacey’s litter was born, and I kept a bitch puppy to show, as is my usual. The puppy I kept is Tessie. She is now 6 years old, for many years a champion. There is one other thing about her that I am amazed at. She is a reincarnation of my Merry. The same quiet, gentle way about her, the wonderful personality, and many, many of the same mannerisms, (only in a much larger package).

Merry may have left me on
April 26th,
but she was reborn May 14th, 1996.


For All Eternity,
Wendy Neill