Mickey by Cindy / Cindy

I was only 3 years old when my dad brought Mickey home to me. He was so cute with his big brown ears and white and tan colors. He was so lovable every one loved him. He was always there to greet you as you came in. He only lived for 7 years but during those years, he was loved so much by every one, him and his brother Rickey.

There was this one day when I went out into the yard and played with him while he and his brother ran around the yard. I sat down and he jumped up and licked my face so much lol. I think it’s
the most kissing I had ever had.

It was that horrible day that I got into the car and my mom had told me what happen. I was so upset that I didn’t stop crying
for a long time after that.

Now when I think of Mickey I always try to think back to all the good times we had together. Now I know that he is up there right now watching over me as he flies so high with god.


I will always love you Mickey Mouse