Mickey by Darlene Farden / Darlene

I lost my Companion, Mickey Mouse, my Loyal and Best friend, 4 years ago and I still miss him. He kissed away my tears and talked to me with his eyes. He was pure unconditional Love. He was my Blessing, my Daily Smile and my Comfort.

I am so grateful to have had him. He was the

Sweet Spirit, in my life. I thank God for the Gift of his Love and the time that he spent with me. Every single day I have to place the awful black pain of losing him in my Father’s hands. I so much miss the warm light he brought into my life. I know you are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge and I will come for you someday, my sweet Mickey Mouse.

Love and Hugs,



I will meet you at the Bridge,
6, Feb 2002
Darlene Farden