Midnight by Sandy / Mommy

Midnight came to me as a tiny tiny 4 week old. Smallest cat I ever seen. She grew up in a happy life. She is so much of energy and playfulness. I didn’t expect this from a very young kitten. She has a loving family and I love her but til then by age 1 year, suddenly her illness took effect where she has skin disorder that the skin and hairs come off and gets sore on some part. She keep getting sick alot. I felt bad for her. It last for a year. She got better again by age 2 although she still getting into stuff and getting sick. Then after that year later by age 3, she’s all the sudden going for rotten stuff and wouldn’t eat cat food at all. Vet checked and they don’t know why she eating things like that. She would eat any thing with rotten fruits and things. I looks up for help for her but couldn’t find out what is causing it. I kept her wormed and all kind to get her better, but she keep getting sick and skinny.

Midnight why? I mean I try everything to get you better; all my money and stuff go to you and you won’t get better! I’m so sorry girl, for everything. Then you gotten so sick, that we still don’t know what causing it. I think it was cancer that took your life. I made hardest decision to let you go. You were my baby. I believe that you may have family that inter bred. Same family and they may be why the illness taken you. Forgive me, Midnight. I miss you so much. You and I had a good 4 year being together.. I love you and will alway be missed..


With love,
Nov 2006