Miffy by Debra Woosley / Mommy and Daddy

Miffy was a beautiful little maltese. She was 6 weeks when we brought her home. Her first stop was to go with mom to pick up the kids from school. As we walked through the school with her in the little pouch, I had made for her, all the children wanted to see the “cute little dog”.

The next day she was at school for my daughter’s show and tell class. They all loved her. Every day Miffy did things to make us love her more and more. She loved riding in the car and barking at everyone. She had such a loud bark that she would scare people to death.

She went on vacation with us everywhere. She was so much a part of our family. She died on Feb. 6th, 2004 with liver cancer. We will always remember Miffy in our hearts. She made our lives complete.


With great love,
Debra Woosley