Milo Aka Milz by Josy / Mommy

I’m only 20 years old and I felt like I just lost a child. Milo was a real special puppy. At 8 years old he was still acting 8 weeks old. He needed alot of care and love. I remember every day of the 8 years with him. The first day my mom brought him home, he looked like a seal. He had a real big head and little body with big budging eyes. The local pet shop didn’t sell him and since he was so tiny they thought something was wrong wit him so they were gonna feed him to a boa constrictor. My mom quickly took him and brought him home.

He was the most laziest dog you’d ever see. Always wanting to get carried around. He sat with me always, under my computer chair with his older brother spunky. He slept beside me on my bed. He had his own pillow and would be treated better then any human in our family. What’s funny about him is he never barked. Never. We use to take him to dog days in central park. He would never participate because he was too lazy but would always get praise for being the cutest dog there and we’d end up carrying him home like the prince he is. He loved the dress up and roll around on the bed. which we dubbed him ‘wiggle worm’.

He was loved by everyone on the block. Late last year he started having trouble breathing. He was diagnosed with a bad heart. He had countless surgeries where he’d recover beautifully but in a few months back to square 1. He was on 3 medications and had to always urinate. So I took him for a walk one day. As I set him down in front of our door he collapsed. We spent over 10,000 that we didn’t have keeping him around because I couldn’t bare to send him off alone. Earlier this month he started breathing very badly. I noticed his tongue was purple.

I sat with him on my bed and I am by no means a religious person but held him and said a prayer out loud for him be to taken care of. I put a pillowcase over him as a blanket and layed down wit him; later on in the day he started breathing very badly. I called my mother to bring him back to the medical center. His eyes started to roll and I held him screaming. I brought him downstairs to my grandmothers apt. and we sat and
waited for my mother.

He sat with his sisters, Chyna, Mya and Peebles. Little did I know that would be the last time I’d hold him. About an hour later I got a call form my mom saying he went into cardiac arrest and had passed away. My whole life came shattering down.
I collapsed in hysterics and lost my mind.

My baby was gone. I broke two fingers in my hand on a wall in anger that he was gone. I tied his blanket to my bed post and kiss it every night before I go to sleep. I can still feel him beside me. I can’t even write this story through the tears. Milo, you were my baby.

You are unbelievably missed by your brothers, Rocko & Spunky and your sisters, Chyna, Peebles and Mya. Grandma, Ann, Pete, Alicia, Me, Mary, Danielle, Dylan, Alberto, Arleen, Leeshanda, Forrest, Anthony & everyone behind the school misses you terribly. You will never be forgotten. Stay with your older sister up there, Kelly. Grandpa will take care of you for me. We love you. You’ll always be a part of our lives.


Come Home,
Milo Aka Milz