Milo by Lori Cool Cuskelly / Lori Cool Cuskelly

Milo was “born” to me from his kitty mama, Tootsie, who passed in 2006 as well as his two brothers (Otis and Tango)and sister, Sheena, who have long since been gone. Milo was a fat and happy cat for almost 20 years and enjoyed a wonderful, safe and happy life with me. He loved lazing around in the sunshine in many favorite spots around our home. He had a half acre all to himself and enjoyed hunting and just being a happy, lazy kitty. I’m so sad that he had to leave, but he had such a good, long, happy life and I was able to be there with him until the end, so I know he was always loved and cared for and he never suffered or was in any pain. The saddness of missing him is lessened knowing that. Milo – may you continue to romp, hunt, laze in the sun and take good care of our Sunny. Until the day we all are together again. See you later, Punkin’ Pie! xoxo


I love you!
Lori Cool Cuskelly