Mimi by Kathy



March 2000

Japanese Chin

My boyfriend's dog


My boyfriend had a dog Mimi.

A Japanese Chin

Cute little girl.

10 years old yet youthful at heart

Stubborn and silly yet smart


Her sister Sabel misses her dearly

I mean that sincerely.


It seems odd to think

That animals could mourn

It's even weirder to see

A dog when her sister is gone

and her heart is torn.


Mimi was a good dog.

She would sometimes annoy us.

Cause she was stubborn and scared.

Yet always gave so much love

and always cared.


My boyfriend tried to save her

as he held her in his arms and she passed

Now she is at peace at last.


Mim was a good dog.

good like her sis.

Mimi was a good dog

A dog I will miss.


By: Kathy Marques