Ming Ming by Julie


"Ming Ming"

January 1990 ----- June 8 2000




Ming passed away on June the 8th

A scared brave girl was she

I held her tight with all my love

And said good-bye her pain freed.


On the cold nights when I'de go to bed

Her tender paw would pat my cheek

I'de wake to the softness of her touch

Together under the doona we'de go to sleep.


I stole her when she was very young

She'd been abused by the thugs next door

I saved her life and called her Ming Ming

On that night our true love was born.

I didn't want to let her go

She was the best friend I ever had

Two months have passed my eyes still wet

With pain and sorrow I will always fret.


I miss my baby girl so much

I miss her love and tender touch

I can still see her everywhere

My heart is broken it's so unfair.


The tears I still weep for my baby girl

You were only ten and far too young

I wont ever be the same again

Good-bye my baby you were a true friend.


By Giuly (Julie) Mifka

Perth Western Australia







Ming Ming