Minnie by Debbie, Ellen & Adam / Mom Debbie, Mom Ellen ,Adam, Lenny, Scroungy, Boy,

Dear Minnie..

We miss you and will always love you. Thank You for the 16 years making us feel secure as you watched over the house during the night. What a good girl you are. Always first to the door the go out and last to want to come in. You know it was love at first sight. You were a pretty little ball of fur, everyone fell in love with you. I loved watching you hop, jump and run thought the house playing with anything
that crossed your path.

So many wonderful and happy memories dance through my mind as I think of you & the life we shared together. One of your favorite things to do was to chase Scroungy around the back yard. Proudly we let you chase her around as family and friends came to visit, only to stop and go the other direction once you caught her.

Your trip to Gainsville to visit Adam at school. All the guys at the frat house wanted to keep you as the house dog. A week before we had just cut your hair like a lion and they loved the look along with your Florida Gator bandanna you wore. Not to mention the little accident in the back seat of the car. Then our trip to the car wash to spray everyone clean. That look “did I do that”. We all still laugh as we tell
the story again and again.

You were always good in the car, too busy looking out the windows to get in trouble, like Lenny and Scroungy jumping from the front seat to the back, barking at every car that past by.. My Good Girl.

We miss your barking at the mailman and biting the mail. Your soft brush against our leg to let us know you want to go out. Boy Kitty and Lucy miss you chasing them down the hall and onto the bed, never once biting them. They look for you. Scroungy & Lenny are lost without you keeping them in line. They miss their big sister.

I pray you are with Grandma Betty Jo, she loves you and will take good care of you. Goldie will be there with her. Look for Lucky, you missed playing with him. He will be happy to see you. Ellen, Adam & I were there holding & kissing you at the end. Knowing it was time for you to go, it still broke our hearts.

Many thanks to Dr. Sela the Gentle Vet for the magic touch and wonderful care he provided the last few months. Good Bye My Good Girl. We Miss You. I Love You. Mom


Love & Miss You,
7, Feb 2006
Debbie, Ellen & Adam