Minnie by Linda M. Goodman / Your Mommy

Cry Not For Me
For My Beloved Minnie

Cry not for me,
These tears you weep,
When you find only cold
when it’s warmth you seek.
Remember me not as you saw me last.

And know that I know you cared
Think not of my last breath
But the moments that we shared.

Think of the wind,the clouds,and the rain
When you rested your head on mine
And in that lovely moment
It was as if the sun did shine.

I remember your soft words
And always your love
I know you are crying.
I can see from above.

These tears that you shed for me,
The tears you often try and hide.
Don’t think that I’m not here.
It’s you I’m inside

Please don’t cry for me,
Please don’t cry again,
It’s you I should cry for,
For I know you feel pain.

And don’t think you failed me,
I know how you tried.
And I know you felt.
When at first you cried.

My empty spot is painful,
It’s easy to see.
There is nothing there
When it’s where I should be.
Think of those times…those happy days.
Not where I last lay
Remember when it was just you and I?
Oh the games that we played.

Remember me in my vigor and youth
Painfree and with no care.
The only thing I worry about
is with who will your love share.

I am away but I’m never gone.
And you have so much love to give.
I know that you gave your best to me
But there are more that still live.

It is in your mind,
That my ghost memories may run free
And know in your heart,
Forever I’ll be.

Author Unknown

I miss and love you My Precious Minnie
Your Broken-Hearted Mommy, Linda<  

With love, To my beautiful Minnie,
28, Aug 1986
Linda M. Goodman