Minnieme by Hayley / Your buddy, Hayley

We were moving in to Virginia, We had to store our things in a place called dockside. Then my brother spotted an orange and white kitten. Then I spotted Minnieme. A lovely tan and white kitten. IT was funny that Nils had to chase the other kitten back and fourth till it got dark! Minnieme just stayed by my side.

After a little while we took them home. It was a happy few months until we went shopping. On the way home Nils saw a dead kitten in the road and teased me it was Minnieme. I tried to ignore him. When we got home that night we pulled in our driveway, and nils and I were happy until we got inside. Then my mom and dad came inside and said we have something to tell you.

We stopped laughing and they said Minnieme is gone. I said what do you mean gone? We found him dead in the road. Then there was a lot of crying, even from Nils. We went out to bury him.

A couple of days later we built a cross with a point at the top. I still have his collar, and every Sunday we think most of him. The End


I love you so!