Miss Bailey Sue


" Miss Bailey Sue "

Aug. 1996 ----- Jan. 1999

Cocker Spaniel / Mix



When I first saw her I knew she was the one

A bundle of energy red and white spots and big brown eyes

She looked at me and I somehow knew

She would fill me with joy wonder and surprise


There was always something with her

Never a dull moment to say the least

She chewed rolled and did the puppy thing

Always coming up with something new to make me laugh

When I pause to remember I see her happy and full of herself


She had her own language that only we could speak

There were also little nick names we liked to use

She had her favorite toys sounds and spots on the floor

Now when I look at those spots they're empty

But she will always be there in my thoughts my heart and soul

I carry a piece of her wherever I go


I could never explain the joy she gave me while she was here

Even though our time was short

The comfort and love I felt when she was near

Can never be diminished

She will always be near to my heart and my memories

I cannot attempt to put into words what she meant to me


No amount of time or space could ever make me forget my FUZZY FACE






Miss Bailey Sue