Miss Molly by Carol & Norman / Mommy & Daddy

Molly, we miss you baby girl; the beginning of your life was so sad but Mommy getting up at all hours of the night, bottle feeding, trying to save all your siblings. How someone could just dumped your babies out on the side of a road. Your human Mommy fought so hard to make you through it and she did. Ole, that beautiful acres for you to run and explore; the joy you brought but as age came so fast; your poor little body did all that it could do, now you are with Pa, happy, running through the fields, no pain or heart ache anymore. We will always
miss and love and keep you in our hearts. We
know you are waiting for us but until then; stay by Pa; run together and play, no more pain. We miss you, sweet baby. Lucy looks for you everyday but someday we all will be together. You may be gone but never forgotten. We love you baby girl, Mommy and Daddy.


Molly Girl,
Miss Molly
Carol & Norman