Miss. Prissy by Lili Chihuahua / From your momma, Grandpa, Grandma, Leydi, Gabby,

Dear Miss. Prissy:

With tears of grief I just want to say how sorry I am for not being there for you the last hours of your life. You put on a good battle for yourself and me. You were always such a healthy dog other then the fact that you had really bad allergies (remember everybody called you a Porker). No matter what momma still loved you that way. I did my best to keep you from suffering in any possible way that I could. This past Memorial Day your health began to deteriorate. You were hospitalized twice hoping that you would get healthy again. Your health didn’t get any better.

You lived such a happy life. I always fought for you to get the extra special attention that you needed. You always got away from getting in trouble by hiding yourself behind the sofa. Miss. Prissy you were such a wonderful friend. You were always there to listen to me. You were unique in your own special way. I’ll always remember how you enjoyed riding in my car, sticking your head out the window and your ears flapping back and forth. I have so many good memories of you and they will never be forgotten.

These past few months I felt like I abandoned you because I went off to school. I tried bringing you with me, but you were depressed by yourself. I brought you back to Grandma’s and you were much happier! I’m really sorry I didn’t spend as much time with you like I should have. I was planning on bringing you with me as soon as I graduated to give you all the attention in the world. Even though I was far away, I always made sure you were being properly taken care of. You were always on mind.

Miss. Prissy you will always live in my heart. I know you’re not suffering anymore. You are in a better place with old friends. You’re probably already playing with King. Tell him that we miss him and he’s still in our memories. Bobi, Picolina, Rocky, Piggy, Belle and Honey will miss you too. Thank you for all the great memories and your companionship.


We will love you forever Miss. Prissy!!!!
Miss. Prissy
14, Aug 2005
Lili Chihuahua