Missy by Al Streckfus / Daddy

” My Little Girl”
By:Al Streckfus

The last few days that you were with me, I could see that you were really not getting well but I prayed to God that he would help you and restore you back to good health. I remembered, the days that we would take those walks, and share those times of love.

But as I looked at you that morning I knew the time was near, to send you home with all your friends, so you could play with them and be with them once more.

I took you to the place where they knew what to do, but cried as I held you in my arms and said good-bye to you. You were my best friend and helped me through those bad times. I will hold your picture close to me and love you more each day.

I still remember the day we brought you home sitting by that gate, your smile was bright and you were white as snow. So now I must say good-bye to you my little pal, and know you will wait for me in heaven and be together forever oneday. I’ll scoop you up in my arms and give you a big hug like I used to, when I came home from work. Now go and play with all your friends and I will see you some day soon.


2, May 2003
Al Streckfus