Missy by Cindy Roberts / Cindy

I knew I had to find you,
I just did not know where you were.
After searching long for the right one
I was on my way for sure.

When I walked in the door you were crying
“Please take me with you,” you seemed to say
I had my pick between you and your sister
But by my side you continuously stayed.

The ride home wasn’t an easy one,
as you were scared and was car-sick all the way.
I just wanted to hold and comfort you
and get you home so we could play.

Once you were introduced to your Mommy
I knew she would love you with all her heart.
You two became inseparable,
and we couldn’t tear you apart.

You then became ill and needed medicine
but the love your Mommy gave comforted you.
She would hold you for hours while you were shaking
and keep you stocked with an extra toy or two!

The times I called and that little squeaky toy
was louder than I could contend.
But you were so loved and could do anything
My Mom had found a friend.

You left us at a young age,
it is so sad to see you go.
But thank you for loving my Mom
as she loved you back so much, I know.

I will miss you Missy but I know my Mom will miss you most.
Thank you for giving joy in her life and the pleasure of loving you.


With Love,
Cindy Roberts