Missy by Kelly / Kelly

Missy was a very wonderful and loving dog. Our most favorite thing to do was to take walks in the park. I would take her off of her leash and just let her run free. She absolutely loved it! But I would not know that on July 4th that it would be our last walk together. Just 13 days later my baby girl had to be put to sleep because of cancer. The day before she passed we went to the vet to see her. When I looked into her cage I saw a dog that had lost her will to live. There was no wagging of the tail and no strength to even move. After I had petted her soft head the tears just began to flow. I couldn’t stand to see her like this.

On July 17th we got a call from the vet saying that she wasn’t doing good at all. They figured it would be a good idea to put her to sleep. My dad went to the vet and asked if I wanted to go. My answer was no.
I didn’t want to watch her die.
The rest of the day was
very weary and tiring to everybody.

As I sit here typing this I look down beside me at her empty cage and I see that she’s not there. It just tears me up inside. But now I know that she’s in a better place and she isn’t feeling any pain. Missy I just want you to know that we miss you so much and the house feels empty without you in it. I will always cherish the times that we had together. Even though I wasn’t there with you when you passed I just want you to know how much I love you and
you’ll be in my heart forever and ever.


Love always,