Missy by Kristen Ferguson / Mommy and Ferguson family

I got Missy after school one day from a cat lady who had over 200 cats in her home. Missy was only a kitten and was very unique. She had a bent tail and that is what the owner called her.

We also got Bon Bon from the same lady so Missy could have a sister to play with. A few days after Missy came to my home she broke out in ring worm and lost some of her hair. My dad said that she looked like ET. Her hair finally grew back and she was so beautiful, like the story of the ugly duckling. I taught her to sleep on my pillow and she did every night. We all called her Baby Kitty. She and Bon Bon were best friends.

After a few years we moved and she had to adjust to a new place. She was fine because she had Bon Bon. My sister moved and took Bon Bon so the only one Missy had was me. I moved out a few months later from my parents home and mom said that I shouldn’t take Missy to my new place since I was going to have a big dog living with me.

After I moved out when I would go over to see her she would hide from me. She was mad at me for leaving her. She decided to have my dad take care of her. She would curl up with him on the couch and snuggle. Mom said that the only time Missy hid was when I came over. So I knew she was upset with me. This past October my mom noticed that Missy was loosing weight. She took her to the vet and we were told that Missy had a tumor blocking her intestine. Mom asked the vet to do surgery on her to remove it. The vet told her that if it is the tumor that she thinks it was then it would not be curable and that she only had a few months to live before it came back.

Over the next few months Missy was acting like she had never had a tumor. Then the first week in April came and mom noticed that she was getting skinny again. My parents took her back to the vet and the vt said that she had cancer cells in the fluid in her stomach and there was nothing that they could do. Mom and dad took her back to their house and I went and spent as much time with her as I could. She was not eating and not drinking and she was getting dehydrated. So mom and dad and I decide that we needed to make the pain for her stop. It was so hard to have to take her vet and have her put down. She was so tiny. I decided to be in the room when they did it. It broke my heart when it happened. I wished there was some way to cure
her cancer but there wasn’t.

I stayed in the room with her and kept telling her that she wasn’t going to hurt anymore and that I will always love her. I was so drained of all my energy that all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. Missy was such a neat cat. She had a very unique personality. She will be missed very much and there will never be a day
that goes by that I don’t think of her.
She was perrrrrrfect.


I will always and forever love you,
Kristen Ferguson