Missy by The Petersons / Mom, Dad, Nikki, Barry, Bailey & Rambo

Oh Missy, I remember how small you were
When we first brought you to our house.
You fit in a sweatshirt pocket,
Not much bigger, (but way cuter) than a mouse.

What a handful you were,
Always so full of spunk.
On the go from here to there,
Getting into lots of junk.

We got you to keep our big boy company.
Fancy name of Mickey Dilley Jack.
He needed a friend and a wife,
That pug that we called Big Mack.

You got along great and he did his job.
And soon you were really chubby.
The time drug on and you so did your belly,
And I think you were somewhat mad at your hubby.

What a miracle it was when you gave birth.
The pups just kept coming, one after another.
Six little black and one little fawn.
Suddenly, to seven, you were a mother.

We did regret that we did not keep
All the cute babies that you had.
But it wasn’t practical, for many reasons,
And so four went to other homes, leaving us sad.

From the start, you seemed annoyed
To have these pups at your side.
We know you loved them after all,
But sometimes you wanted to run and hide.

Petey was a lovable little guy,
His tiny black body so cute.
He disappeared that first Easter weekend,
The pain of his loss acute.

Junior, you were always the sweet one,
So gentle and so kind.
You stopped to smell the flowers
And you wouldn’t hurt a fly.

You gave so much love to us.
Always so devoted and true.
No matter what happened,
Your happiness always shined through.

The years flew by, and sadly,
Our family got smaller one by one.
First Big Mack, he had to go.
His healthy was failing, he could no longer run.

Next there was Coco, our sweet little girl.
She got so very ill.
Though the doctors tried hard,
Her sweet little heart went still.

Time can be cruel, sometimes our enemy.
There’s never enough of it
To enjoy the ones we love
As long as we see fit.

It was so hard to admit
That the time was indeed now.
To let our last two loved ones go,
But all pet owners take a vow

To do the right thing
Even when it hurts so much.
To spare our beloveds the pain,
The loneliness and such.

So we hugged your fuzzy bodies tight,
And your little heads we kissed.
We told you how we loved you
And that you would be always missed.

You are in a better place now.
It comforts us to know
We did the best thing for you
Though it tore our hearts to let you go.

In our hearts, in our minds,
Though your bodies are gone,
You are still a part of our lives,
Your spirit always lives on.


We'll love you forever,
24, July 2006
The Petersons