Missy by Tiffany

Why’d you leave me Missy?
I still need you now.
I’m so lonely by myself
and now you’re not around.
So sweet and loyal to me
by my side kept
I took comfort in knowing you were there
I’d watch you as you slept.

Missy why’d you leave me?
Can’t you see I need you?
I know I’m better now
but I thought you need me too.

The 3 days you were missing
I was scared out of my mind
but I still in my heart hoped you we would find.

We found you under a neighbor’s deck you were
they ripped it up and pulled you out..
matted down your fur.

We rushed you the the hospital
11:00 at night
As you laid in my arms I smiled in delight.
I really thought you’d be OK and that you’d make it through.
Then the vet came out and told us something was wrong with you.
See you couldn’t breathe my Missy
and yes it could be fixed
So upset I was all my thoughts so mixed.

I called to see how you were right after school.
We left you for 2 days and later on that evening..
my Missy passed away.
I’m glad I got a chance to say I love you and how much I cared
now you’re up in heaven
in all my thoughts and prayers.

Don’t you see I need you Missy..I wish you could see..
but now you’ve got your angel wings…
watching over me.



9, August 2000