Your Last Day”

Your last day
started like any other
for you.
But for me sorrow greeted
your last day.
In the early morning darkness
you stretched and jumped off the bed
but you didnÆt come downstairs.

Did you know?

On your last day
you brought me your
favourite toys
one by one
mewing as you carried each one.
You navigated the stairs slowly
and breathed heavily as you
delivered each gift.
As you dropped each one
at my feet and looked in my eyes
you asked for my praise and thanks.

On your last day
we snuggled together and
took a nap.
While you were sleeping
wrapped in my arms
I whispered
“ItÆs okay for you to go.”
You woke up looked into my eyes
and snuggled your sweet face
into my chest
right where my heart is.

Were you telling me
you were ready to go?

On your last day
I held you as you went
into the deepest sleep.
I felt your body grow soft
all resistance and fear gone.
Every struggle for breath
became calm.
Your head rested on my chest.
Could you hear the love
in my heart as you slept?

On your last day
You passed peacefully in my arms
and I thanked you
for being the sweetest
little cat in creation
for your devotion
and your unending love.

On your last day
I hope you started your journey
bolstered with deepest love.

Your last day
begins your first day
a new life without pain
fear or struggle.

Godspeed my sweet baby
we will be together again.
This time not for
a mere fifteen years
but we will have all of eternity
to fill with love.



17, Dec 2001