Mister by Juanita Whitney / Mom

When you first came to me so small
Someone had abandoned you and left
you out in the cold
Fleas and all
I couldn’t say no to taking you in
You fit in the palm of my hand
I took you in and got you all better
Then you caught Distemper and was
Able to pull through that.
And I knew you were a fighter.
Then you got an Urinary Infection
And were able to hold on until I
Got you to the vet
You were doing so much better until
It happened again one week later
This time it was to much for you to
Every day I think to myself
IS there anything I could have done
But I know that you are in a better
Place and not suffering anymore
I will always be thinking of you
See you when I get there to be with
You again.


Love Always,
6, Aug 2008
Juanita Whitney