Misty Blue by Joyce and Russuel Chivis / momma and daddy Chivis

We adopted you from an animal rescue only three and a half short weeks ago. We learned you had been living on the streets, had been abused and abandoned. Your poor little body was tender and sore we assume was from abuse. We also realized that you were deaf. We went to the shelter on June 6,2005 and saw you. We loved you from the moment we met.

Although you were leery of us you trusted us to realize that you were finally in a forever home. On the night before you passed, I sat and petted and hugged you. You seemed to be craving that. We had been working with you to try and get you to open up and be happy again. That was realized on the day you died. You came into my room as I was getting up in the morning wagging your tail. You got so excited you did a little spin around and fell on your little bottom. You got up and ran to the door to go outside. It was so cute. I thought we finally made progress.

I was so happy to see you finally happy. Little did I know that today was your last day here on Earth. I knew you were an older dog but I had hoped you would be around much longer than you were. I got home from work to find you outside laying with my husband watching.

About 20 minutes later your back legs had given out and you were convulsing and having trouble breathing. That’s when I realized you were getting ready to go home to Heaven. It broke my heart. We ran you to the emergency vet and they said you would not last the night. So the only thing we could do was to say our goodbyes and let you go.

In these few short weeks, you made such an impact on our lives. You were so special. You had one brown and one blue eye and the most silliest lop-sided ears. But we loved you just the same. You made our lives much nicer while you were here. I hope we made your life richer.

You will be dealy missed my little Misty Boo Boo. My only regret is that you were not with us very long. You are now free to roam and be happy in puppy heaven.


We love you very much,
Misty Blue
Joyce and Russuel Chivis