Misty Blue by Marcia Miller / Mama

Misty Blue with eyes so true and pure
Trusting from the start that you found a home.
Couldn’t deny you when you climbed on my lap
You curled up and started to purr.
You knew you had me right from the start
And that you had stolen my heart
You came into my house, came into my heart
Stayed the night and roamed in the day
But I knew every night I would find you waiting
Staring at the door willing it to open.
Soon you stayed all the time
Guess you knew I would love you true
So loving you were that I couldn’t deny you
You knew I would give you all that I had
All the love and tenderness and favorite food too.
So sweet when you would curl up and make me your bed
You were a thief in the night
Stole my heart and stole my cheese
Thought I didn’t see when you’d try to sneak.
You made me laugh so hard I’d want to cry
Sitting in front of me with tongue sticking out.
Then you would wink as we shared the joke
You have gone to heaven now and I will miss you
But you are with me still in my heart
You have many to play with now
And I know you are happy there.
Surround by love and all the tuna and liver you want
One day I will join you there and oh how we’ll play.
Go play with the angels now they are waiting for you.
Stick your tongue out and show them your wink
Until we met again know I love you true.


With all my love
Misty Blue
6, July 2003
Marcia Miller