Misty by Doyle Hall / Doyle


My house is dark & silent now,

Which once was full of life.

The walls no longer echo

With the sounds of puppy strife.

Two feeble candles flicker

Which are holding back the night.

But they are very old dogs now,

They don’t give off much light.

My Bucky & my Bully,

They are snoring by the fire.

The cold, hard rain that’s beating down,

Has turned the night to mire.

Once we ran the bottoms,

Over woods and fields and streams.

Now they’re still chasing rabbits,

See them twitching in their dreams?

The winter’s just beginning,

But the year is fading fast.

I sit here drinking, thinking,

That the next may be their last.

Their brothers and their sisters,

They are buried in my yard.

When I put these last two down,

I sure will take it hard.

My Misty was the first to go,

You know I loved her best.

But even after she was gone,

I still had all the rest.

She lies next to her mother,

Buried many years before.

On a cold and rainy night she came

A’scratching at my door.

She was someone’s little darling,

Still so clean and soft and pretty.

Her choke chain and her tags told me,

She came from some big city.

But no one came to claim her,

And she wouldn’t go away.

She made it pretty clear to me,

That she had come to stay.

I’d sworn there’d be no other dog,

I hardened up my heart.

I maybe could have done it,

If I’d known how soon we’d part.

She came to me in Winter,

And she was gone in Spring.

I saw the truck that hit her,

But I couldn’t do a thing.

She had eight pups on Monday,

And on Wednesday she was dead.

I found the truck that killed her,

And I almost lost my head.

I was in my forties then,

I’m pushing sixty now.

I guess I oughtta figure,

I’ve been working on my Tao.

I have loved my little family,

And I know that they loved me.

But this story’s almost over now,

Then who will I be?

My boys are full of chicken,

And I am full of grass.

It’s just another Christmas,

And this too will pass.


With love,
Doyle Hall