Misty by Ken & Kim / Daddy & Momma

I fondly remember the first time we saw you. You were sitting outside our back door, just waiting to come in. We could not let you stay outside with a storm coming so we invited you in. You settled very quickly and was happy
to play with our other cats.

You especially like to play with lucky, and the two of you would roughhouse together until she became too old to play. Whenever you wanted attention, you would scratch at my leg, but if that did not work, you would nip at my elbow. I could always tell when a nip was coming because a loud purr would escape when you nipped me. Momma would always scratch when you crawled into her lap and you would purr loud and happy for her. Whenever I would settle in my easy chair, you would jump in my lap and settle for a nap, after a long and happy scratch.

Now, after only 7 short years of overflowing love and affection, you have gone to live with Allie and Katie who preceded you.
You will be desperately missed.


Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
14, July 2012
Ken & Kim