Misty by Leonie

It was a rainy day
when you came into our lives
Found in a box
where youÆd been dumped.
Although we knew
when we looked into your eyes
That you really had been
placed there especially for us.

16 years ago was when it all began.
Yet the memories
are fresh as yesterday
Misty Blue we called
you as you ran
Full speed right into our hearts.

We tried to have
you sleep outside
But you quickly changed our mind.
Before we knew
it you were always inside
Sleeping in bed with us.

You loved to play fetch the ball.
You loved to skitch the cat.
You loved to play forever more
And believe me we all knew that.

Christmas was a grand old time
With presents to unwrap.
With a growl and a tear
you did just fine
No memory will ever beat that.

Always loyal through good and bad
Your presence will surely be missed.
For the time had to come
for you to go
To another place but with a kiss.

You would not go
as much as you needed.
You had to stay with us
For you could not leave us.
you would not leave us
As long as time still passed.

We say goodbye to you Misty Blue.
Go peacefully knowing that we
Have all those memories
to remember you
For all eternity.

Love always



17, May 2002