Misty by Sheila / from Mommy

I got my lil Misty when she was a year old as a play mate for my puppy Brandy. She was a little over 2lbs and thought she was 100lbs. Brandy tried to play with her but Misty wasnt having it. Brandy became my daughters lil girl. While Misty prefered to be with me and sit in my lap. Misty would follow me everywhere wagging her tail running in circles hoping to be picked up and go byebye. She loved to put on clothes and would jump in my purse and hope I wouldn’t see her so she could go with me. She would sleep under the covers next to me until she got hot and would scoot out of the covers and plop her head on my pillow. When she was ready to get up in the morning she would give me a quick kiss and run towards the door to be let out.

My babies loved to go on walks, so I took them to a public park near my home. They were smelling every little smell when all of a sudden out of no where came a pitbull that was off leash and he grabbed my little Misty and ran with her shaking her violently with the end of the leash still in my hand I ran towards the dog and the owner came running and pryed his dogs jaws loose, meanwhile he had another dog off leash that grabbed my other dog Brandy, but it dropped her.

I took my dogs to an emergency vet, who told me that Misty had a spinal cord injury and was paralized with internal bleeding. I had to make the decision to put her to sleep and it was the hardest thing that I ever had to do. My Misty was 2 months shy of her 4th birthday. I still have so many what ifs going through my mind. I miss her terribly and wish I could see her waggly tail and big brown eyes looking up at me. Brandy was okay with minor puncture wounds and is okay, but misses her Misty too.

Rest in peace my lil baby, we will meet you at the heavens gate.


Kisses with love,