Misty Lynn Griswold by Mark & Roberta

Misty Lynn Griswold
Oct. 5 1988 – Jan. 12 2002

Misty Lynn was DaddyƆs
little baby with
big yellow eyes
She loved to chase mice
eat grass and talk
to the birds in the sky.

Her Mommy made her nervous
causing her to bite her nails
Then she would express
her happiness as
she wagged her tail.

She had a fearless hiss and
was quick to bite
But her tenderness in a purr
always came out at night.

For 13 years Misty
gave us unconditional love
Now it is time for her
to play up above.

We will miss her
morning noon and night
What a trooper she was
she never showed fright.

We thank God for
our little Angel
we were extremely blessed
She was His creation and
with God in heaven
she shall rest.

In the early morning of January 12th 2002 Misty passed away peacefully in her sleep laying next to us. We would like to take this time to extend our appreciation for all the support and love that our friends and family have given Misty and us during her life.

We are sure that Misty
is playing in heaven and
waiting patiently for us
to be with her.

Thank you.


Mark and Roberta


Misty Lynn Griswold
12, January 2002
Mark & Roberta