Mitzie by Diane Wilsher / From Diane & Julie

It was the Spring of 1988, a boiling hot Bank Holiday weekend and our next door neighbours had gone away for the weekend leaving their daughter’s dog in the care of their son.

Julie, myself and Pam would sunbathe in her back garden and we heard a dog by the back door, whining.

Pat adams had a dog called Shep and she opened one of the tins of dog food to feed it to the pup and give her water.

two days later we had the pup and she was re-homed. She was filthy dirty and not her natural colour at all. We had a shower installed at the time and put the new dog into it and give her a good going over with dog shampoo to kill all fleas and ticks as she was matted with them.

Trixie came and sat in the shower and that was the start of a wonderful bond between them.

The new puppy was 6 months old like Trixie. We changed her name to Mitzie and they quickly settled. mitzie wouldn’t play with any toys as she was abused in her last home. she had the same care that trixie had. She came lovely during her time with us and everyone loved her and we had her for 13 years until she died from the burst tumour in the stomach.


In Loving memory of Mitzie
Diane Wilsher