Mollie by Kelli Harcek / Mom


I’d barely finished grieving Sparkey when you came into my life, so losing you makes this unbearable. I can’t quit crying or asking why?

We got Mollie from a guy my husband works with. The others dogs were beating her up and she needed “saving”. So of course, we took her.

Didn’t even have her a week and she had to have major surgery. The things you do for love. At this time she was only 2 1/2 months old.

We have had a great time! She loved going to the park and being a “mad” puppy. She loved riding in the car and sitting
on my lap at the computer.

I took her in to be spayed this morning and at 10:06 I got the phone call. She died on the operating table after surgery. I’ll never forget the time or his words.

I know I loved her but I’m doubting whether it was enough because she’s gone and I can’t seem to get it together.
She was only 4 1/2 months old.

I am told it will get easier
but at this time, I’m not so sure.
I miss you so much.


Love You Always,
Kelli Harcek