MOLLY by Cassie Stewart / Cassie & Ben

It was a great big build up to Christmas arranging family to come on various days when my sister in-law phoned to ask if I would be offended if they didn’t come boxing day as they will be booking up a last minute holiday over Christmas but would we have their dog Molly over Christmas. Of course I jumped at the chance as she used to belong to me anyway and I had a border collie called Ben and they got on really well together. I was so excited to have her Christmas day came and my sister in law phoned to wish us all a Merry Christmas and speak to Molly where we had to get her to run up and down the hallway
so they could hear her.

Boxing day came and my friend Louise came up to take the dogs for a run; my daughter Jodie went with her. Louise had been taking Ben previously as she had lost her own dog six months ago due to old age. She was also excited to see Molly as she had alot of her own dogs mannerisms and you could just fall in love with her instantly; she was gentle and very beautiful but when her and
Ben were together didn’t you know it.

Anyway 15 minutes went by and the door banged really loud it was Louise’s husband I stood at the door it was like slow motion her husband said Molly has had a accident. I said oh my god has she been hit by a car he said no a accident with a stick. She’s dead mate! Those words will stick with me forever. I was in complete shock; all I said was Mark please come here Molly is dead his first words were Paul’s going to kill me! I rushed up stairs grabbed a sheet and rushed straight to the park with my friend’s husband, Louise and my daughter were in tears and very distraught; when I looked over a group of people were carrying Molly across the park wrapped in a blanket. I asked what had happened and Molly was running around with my dog Ben when she had found a stick to play with and she flicked into the air and as she went to catch it she missed and landed straight on top of it; she died within a minute; we had to bury her in our garden and had to wait until New Years Eve to tell my sister in law it has been the most tragic thing I have ever experienced and I cried for days.

She wasn’t even my dog but I loved her dearly. We all did and always will so the message is don’t let your beloved pets play with sticks.


Miss you so much,
Cassie Stewart