Molly by Earl & Judy / Mom & Dad

The day we moved to our new home,
Without a doubt we knew,
We’d find a pet that we could love
And that she’d love us too.

We went to the animal shelter.
There you were..nose sticking out of the fence.
They told us your name was Molly.
You’ve been in our hearts ever since.

Such a little pup with love to give.
We bought you home that day.
You taught us so much throughout the years..
How to love in a whole new way.

Molly, can you hear us when we pray?
Do you know that we still grieve?
For you and Buster every day?
Well, this we do believe….

That you are both together now
Waiting for the day
We’re all together once again,
We feel this when we pray.

The memories of your final day
At first was hard to bear.
Now looking back we realize
We showed how much we care.

Molly, you’re so special.
You’re in our hearts to stay.
Take care of brother Buster..
We’ll see you both one day.

Molly, we’re still very sad..
Always with love, your Mom & Dad


16, Dec 2001
Earl & Judy