Molly by Lynne Edwards / Lynne

My little girl Molly. I’ll never forget her. After waiting 3 years my husband decided he wanted another Cocker Spaniel. I already had a 9 yr old poodle and wasn’t sure how he would react to a puppy but I agreed.
We bought Molly from a private breeder. She was the “runt” of the litter but she was so cute and exactly the right color a buff cocker spaniel. She was precious from the day we took her home. My husband babied her. We kept her downstairs the first few weeks after we brought her home. She would cry off and on all night and usually around 4 a.m. my husband couldn’t stand it any longer and would go lay down on the couch downstairs and hold Molly on his chest as they slept together.

She spent her first 3 years in Utah in our house. She loved to run and play in the back yard. She would sit on the porch and wait for the birds to land and then go “hunting”, although she never caught one. She would also love to run the fence line and tease the dog next door.
She was a love and she loved to cuddle and always had to be in the “middle” if my husband and I sat together. She was a love and everyone who met her just fell in love with her.
She was my precious baby girl. Her life was short but she touched many. She will be missed by all that knew her.

I pray her spirit lives on in heaven and
one day we will be reunited again.

Peace to you my precious baby girl.


Your forever in my heart and I will always love you...
Lynne Edwards