Molly by Tammy Rakich / No Name

If I only had the words,
or reasons so I could say.
Of what changed our lives forever,
on that unforgetable day.

What I never could face happend,
that day you had to go.
I miss you so much now Molly,
that day changed my life so.

If only it could stay yesterday,
never reaching tomorrow.
then you’d still be with me today,
instead me feeling this sorrow.

Life gave us challanges,
the good with the bad.
so many memories I remember,
sometimes happy sometimes sad.

But best of all Molly,
this time we had together.
we shared lifes moments now memories,
memories in my heart forever.

Saying goodbye hurts too much,
so until we are together again.
Molly, I miss you and love you so,
my dearest and trusted friend.


Forever You Will Be With Me,
1, July 2007
Tammy Rakich