Molly Mop Manker

Molly Mop was a beautiful little Shih Tzu. We adopted her from The Last Dog Rescue in March of 2017. She had just been spayed and was a bit fragile. We brought her home and at first she did not do well with our other Shih Tzu Cookie. In a short time all was fine between them. Molly became a devoted and sweet friend. She loved people and would snuggle up in a dog bed with the other dogs almost every day. Molly had very bad back legs and when we had some x rays done we also found that she had some pellets in both hips where she had been shot. I looked at our little dog and thought who in the world could hurt an innocent little dog like that. Molly never felt sorry for herself and was able to do the 4 steps out the back door to the fenced yard. We never let them out alone as we are very careful. She liked to take her time and walk around the yard and just look at things outside. She would also use the pee pads if we were not there to let her out right away. She slept in bed with us and loved to go to bed and rub her back and her head on the blankets. She also loved her spot on the sofa in the family room. Molly adapted very well to life in our home. About 1 1/2 years ago she developed a severe heart murmur and her heart was enlarged. We took her to a cardiologist twice and they got her feeling so much better. Over the past 2 years her eyesight declined from cataracts and by the time we let her go to the Rainbow Bridge she had very little vision. Molly did not like to ride in the car so we usually only took her in the car to the vet and the groomer. She was more than happy in her home with her “brothers and sisters.” About a year ago she developed a mammary tumor which we were pretty sure was cancer but due to her heart condition the cardiologist said she would probably not survive surgery. It did not grow fast at first but this week she bled quite a lot and we took her right to the vet. The tumor had invaded an artery so there was no choice but to let her go to rest. We held her as she made her final journey. She was totally at peace. When we were ready to bury her I looked at that face one last time and saw peace! She so deserved to go gently. She was wrapped in a favorite blanket and had her picture and a story of her life here with her. Molly did not let things upset her. She accepted what was handed to her. We brought her home and buried her in the back yard with the others. We are still having a really hard time with the loss of our three babies in three weeks. I think that Molly knew all the love that she had here and she was a member of the family and dearly loved. She sure did like to snuggle with us and at night she slept right beside me on the bed. I am pretty sure that Cookie and Fannie were waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for her so she was not alone. That gives me some peace and we know that our girl went gently and we had no choice but to let her go. I am so happy that we had a chance to give Molly a good life for almost 5 years. Her past must have been a nightmare. I am so glad that she was able to get to rescue and we saw her picture and were allowed to adopt her. Molly had a special place in our home and in our hearts.

Molly will forever be with us in our hearts and we will remember her love and devotion to us.
January 19, 2022
Vicki and John Manker