Momma Cat

Another lost soul gone.
The day came
when I said goodbye
I wish in my mind it was a lie
To tell me that you were gone
I wish it was a never
ending song..

Not long ago you were
happy and bold
And soon to take you
was the cold.
I know in my heart
I tried so hard
To make you healthy and
live so long.
I’m sorry to see you go
I hope your death
wasn’t painful and slow.

But I know in god’s arms
you went
And Heaven’s Gate is
where you was sent.
Peace little one and
now you are safe
to romp and rome in
the bright sun.
To all the others
I will take care of
until my life is done.

I will miss you momma cat.

With all my love and heart.



Momma Cat
6, Feb 2002