Mommas by Rebecca Grijalva / Rebecca

Nobody can understand the feeling
I had when my baby died,
No limousine was there to carry her,
no mourners were there to cry..

But the world for me stopped and
my heart filled up with pain,
My tears could fill an ocean
I want to see her again..

I want to tell her I’m sorry
I want to feel her lick my face,
I want to hold her close and
always keep her safe…

I don’t know how I’ll move on in life
I now have a troubled soul,
I don’t know if I could go on
without her inside I’m not whole…

She was the best one to play that part,
of everything that is good and
kind she’ll always have my heart..

I hope she is happy running
through fields of gold,
and I know she misses me but
one day she’ll be mine again to hold…..

So sleep my little baby and
let your spirit be free,
Sleep my little baby don’t worry
you’ll always be a part of me…


Love your mom,
20, Dec 2013
Rebecca Grijalva