Monroe by Lily & Navin


It’s been exactly one week
Since we found you
motionless under our bed.
It broke our hearts
to see you in that condition
So we rushed you
to the hospital
But the Doctor said
that you were not responding
as you should.
So your Pappy & your Mommy
Had to make the hardest decision
of our lives-
To let you go.
We are really very very sorry
At what we had to do……..

Monroe though your body
is no more here
You are always here in spirit.
We miss you so very much
Especially me.

Mr. Braveheart
still looks for you
under our bed…
he doesn’t know
that you’ve gone
to be with Our Lord.
Maybe one day he’ll understand.

I know we’ll see you in Heaven.
We love you & always
remember your sweet ways.

We’ll always love you.

Lily & Navin


11, Feb 2002
Lily & Navin