Moonlight by Nick Krivenko / Sydney and Nick


Funny face,
timid and afraid
of everything,
you grew up learning
so fast to chase in the fields
erratic and unpredictable,
you only lived for the thrill,
needed the excitement like air,
and crazy when you saw a hare,
never felt the pain,
when you hurt yourself again –
of the few races you have run,
only one you won,
you made us laugh and proud, too
always fought like a hero –
the moon was pale and thin
on Valentine morning,
gave a warm and gentle light,
like your hair so bright,
when you lost the race of time,
leaving just memories behind,
a whole life recall
those pictures on the wall
painful now, they cut so deep,
what would I give to see
where you are
if we are still in your heart –
an era ends with you forever
and the wind that carried you further
over the green fields, now softly blows
across your tired bones,
lying stiff and still,
the gentle wind they don’t feel
any longer, never again will

Sydney Krivenko 2008 All rights reserved


With all our love,
14, Feb 2008
Nick Krivenko