" Moonlight "

Aug. 11 1993 ---- Apriil 13 1997

Cocker Spaniel / Mix

Moonlight and Roses

By "Candace Potter"


Moonlight was a special friend.

Others seen him as a dog but I seen him as my best friend

and my black loved child.

He may be black with a snout and a tail but thats the way I love him.

The best of three years has made my life lighten up.

Especially when you were such a small pup. Then that eerie night when that

driver took your life was to much to bare. I now gather everything you

owned even your hair if you can believe it.

You may have left my life but you'll never leave my heart.

You'll always be there to love and to hold.

Now I gather three roses and I lie them down on your earthy bed.

They will be a symbol of cherished and gold.

You may have been just a dog to others but to me you were my life,

my soul and my playmate.

I wish nothing but the best for you in your new home. The roses resemble

you of your beauty and shine. I will never forget that night where the

driver took your life before me whether I try or not.

I hope you are happy and you probably wish the same for me but how can

I be? When there is no more of you to hold? Except an invisible soul.


Roses will be gathered none will be tattered but all in gold.

I had you to keep but now its only your soul.


I love you.

"Good-bye Moonlight."