Morphy – Coonflakes Morpheous by Annemarie – Moonstar / Mamma Moonxxxxxx

How can I put sixteen months of happy memories and faithful companionship into a few words?

Morphy was a very wanted kitten. After deciding the Maine Coon breed had the personality I sought, it took a while longer to find suitable breeder. Morphy’s parents looked great and the kittens were due three weeks after my initial contact. I awaited the birth and was overjoyed on 17th April 2003.

One look at the picture of the babies at less than a day old and my heart was captured. For the next few weeks Laura, the breeder, sent me regular up dates and photos of Morph’s progress. Finally the day came when at 13 weeks he could come to live with me. From the moment I arrived to collect Morphy it was evident what a true star he was. No having to be forced into the cat carrier for him, while I had a chat with Laura he got in the basket as if to say ‘right I am ready to go’. The 90-minute journey home was a great surprise to me – he sat and purred contentedly all the way. Upon arrival, he walked out of the box looked around and then flopped down purring ‘Oh, so this is home now then’

We spent many of our days playing and Morpheus swiftly adapted to harness training which gave us the added freedom of being able to go outside on sunny days which he loved so much.

I guess the tone of our life together was … I always tried to fuss and love him and then he always managed to give me back even more. It was impossible not to love him, as he was so beautiful to look at which was matched by his wonderful nature.

We had our fair share of ups and downs through those 16 months … but we seemed to just pull through each day as it came along. If anyone ever reads up on Maine Coons – all the classic descriptions fitted Morphy perfectly – laid back, loving, clown, seek human closeness without being lap cats, more like a dog than a cat, curious – if you are doing something your MC cat will have a paw in helping, chatty – One of our greatest fun times was going for walks in the orchard. Morphy would gambol along side of me and be chatting all the way – I am sure an passers by must have thought me mad as I walked
along chatting back to him.

We moved from Kent England to Co. Mayo Ireland in March 2004 just six weeks before Morph’s first birthday. I had planned for months how I would introduce Morphy and my Bengal cat Mia to the great outdoors. I needn’t have bothered 3 days after arriving they were both out and loving it. Trees became a great adventure along with attempting to kill all the wildlife of in hunting games!

One night Morphy did not come home at dusk when I called him in for supper – I slept only short fitful burst that night until he finally returned at about six in the morning. He looked wide-eyed with shock at being lost all night. I scooped Morphy up and lay on the bed and fussed him until we both crashed out with tiredness.

One of the things that made me laugh the most was when, a few weeks after I had planted up 10 large planters for the front yard, I was sat on the bench out front of my cottage and Morphy came strolling up to the first planter, placed his front paws on the rim and gently sniffed the flowers after a minute or so he seemed satisfied and got down walked to the next one and repeated this action and continued to do so until he had checked them all out. Then he came over to me, having previously totally blanked me, gave a few mews and flopped down close by my feet. What was going through his mind can only be guessed at.

So many adventures, good times, funny times. But what I remember most is what Morphy meant to me through the dark times when I was separating from my husband but due to circumstances we had to share the same house for 6 months. My nerves and my health suffered. Morphy and his soft fur and wonderful purr and bright big trusting, sharing eyes were my one dependable source of comfort—He truly became my Little Care-Package from God.

The last few days before he suddenly died Morphy had returned to sleeping on the bed – a sure sign the chillier evenings were starting. Morph’s general health was good, his coat was beginning to grow ready for winter, and his eyes bright. He was as lively and playful as ever.

And then on Saturday 21st Morphy did not come hope for supper – unusual as he loved his food – but not unheard of.

When I awoke on Sunday 22nd he was not there – I called him a many times but nothing. I did not think too much of it as the window was open – I assumed he had been in and gone out as I was late up. Not long after getting up my Father arrived and I said Morphy had not returned last night and I had not heard him come in or out during the night.

Dad went to look for Morphy and shortly he returned saying ‘I am so sorry, Morphy is dead’

My world felt as it ended with those words.

Outside the kitchen window he was laid just as if he had just flopped down sideways there – it was a favoured spot by him. I whispered as I picked him up, that he had been a loyal and faithful friend, he had done his job well. He had earned his angel wings.

I could not face letting the vet cut him about to find the cause of death. A car could have knocked him down but it is unlikely, as he had no mark on his pretty cream fur. Poison? Also fairly unlikely. If injured or unwell he would have either come to the open window and come in (or shouted from outside) or curled up somewhere sheltered. I believe he just dropped down dead for some reason. Perhaps it suits me to think that because the other alternatives would entail a degree of suffering and I hope and pray that he did not suffer.

I placed his stiff body in the barn on a piece of old carpet – it was so unlike the live Morphy who was so soft and cuddly. The next day my father and I dug a hole and buried him in the orchard under one of his favourite trees. I placed large stones over his grave to prevent it being walked on and as a protection from being dug up.

There is a story about a place called Rainbow Bridge – just outside heaven – where Pets go and wait for their humans. While there they can play or lazy happily. I would love for it to be true.

I will never forget Morphy.
I loved him very much, and
he was my best buddy.
I would like to think my precious fluff ball
has found his way to Rainbow Bridge and
one day we will meet again.


Farewell my little Prince until we meet again,
Morphy - Coonflakes Morpheous
Annemarie - Moonstar