July 21 1994


My special friend’s name was Morris.

We grew up together.

I was young and so was he. We shared a bond that no one

could take away. I had him for over 20 years.

We went outside together and we played in the grass.

We were always together. We always shared a pillow at night.

Infact he stole it many times that I had to move him over.

He woke me in the mornings to say ” wake up mom,I’m hungry”.

I always fed him in my room and he always waited for

me to get home from school in the afternoons.

I would be greeted at the door with a big Meow.

Now my baby is gone but I do have another cat to look after.

I do think of him everyday. There is not A day goes by that

I know that he is making sure that I’m o.k. I know that he would

know that I love him.

This is my story of my Morris I Love You baby.

I will meet you at the Rain Bow Bridge with open arms !!

Love Always

Your Mommy Brenda =^..^=


I Love and Miss you !!