Morrison by Sarah



Easter 1999 ----- September 27 1999

Domestic Long Hair



The pitter patter of little paws coming down the drive,

With the jingle jangle of your collar I knew you had arrived.

I never felt more joy than what you had given me.

To hear you purr and watch your paws contract was such a sight to see.

When you'd pounce a mouse or even a leaf,

I knew you were happy and it was such a relief.

But now your time is over and I wish you could have stayed.

I just want to thank you for the memories that you made.



I adopted Morrison from the humane society

when he was a year old.

That month he got neutered and front declawed.

Ten days later Morrison became

very sick and we took him to the vet.

At that time they didn't know he was

going to make it because he was having a heart attack.

I stuck with Morrison

and he pulled through.

In September Morrison disappeared for 8 days and

when he returned I was the happiest person alive.

As I was petting him I

noticed something that looked like a bone sticking out of his leg.

I rushed him to the emergency pet hospital and he was examined.

Come to find out he had somehow dislocated his tail from his spine

when he was gone.

Along with the tail he had severed nerves

controlling his bladder and bowels.

The vet told us we had to put him down

and that was the hardest day of my life.

He was a true friend to me and everyone else.

I will greatly miss him!