Moses by Cathy / Love Mom and Dad

I have searched long for the words
That would serve as a fitting tribute
A memorial to my cherished friend,
The source of my grief
But they were not there.

There was no poem that spoke of you
Snoring audibly on the couch in the living room
Enormous paws dangling in mid air as you laid on your back.
They did not mention
Your insatiable love of peanut butter,
Your talent for tearing your stuffed toys apart,
Your passion for fleece blankets.
The mischievous, tail wagging.

They did not describe the fierce loyalty
And unwavering love in your gaze.
They did not talk about saying goodbye,
And the way you buried your face
In the crook of my arm as I stroked you
And told you how much we all loved you.
I did not read about how I held you tight
As we breathed deeply together
Until your breath failed to come.

I searched long
And decided that your poem was not there
For me to find,
Just as I will never find your gentle soul
In another friend.

And to those who say
Another dog will come
I say with a heart that is sure, but heavy:
I would without a doubt
Rather have Moses.


Rest in Peace Our Beautiful Boy,
23, Dec 2007