Mosey by Ali Cirignani / From Ali and family

Dear Mosey,

I really want you to know how much me and my family appreciated you. Even though you did chew all my barbies, dad’s ties, mom’s shoes, and Natascha’s stuffed animals. You did something wonderful something none of us will forget.

You gave us the best memories any friend could want. Like the time you climbed up the ladder, or when tasha was born you where still a pup and you cozied up with her on the ground that was so cute. But besides good memories you brought us comfort.

Even through I would have to admit at sometimes you where very loud. But the best thing you did was probably help with the new puppy scarlet. Even though she was a nuisance. But anyway what I wanted to say was that we miss and love you very much scarlet is doing much better thanks to you. I hope you enjoy it where ever you are.


With love,
Ali Cirignani