MOSHA by Geraldine & Maria Petrone / Mommy & Maria

To Mosha

One more look out the window,
another look at the old house next door
one more nap on the front porch,
for soon I will be with you no more.

I have had a long and a good life
compared to many out there,
I’ve had plenty of people to love me,
and my memory they’ll always hold dear.

I know that they will cry for me,
I know it will cause them some pain,
but my good life daily is dwindling
and I can’t get it back again.

One more sip of my water
one more mouthful of food
one thing I can say that’s lovely,
is that the latter has always been good.

When I was younger I would go hunting
and at that I really I did well,
me and my brother Itzhac,
had more fun than our owners could tell.

To be taken indoors in my old age,
seemed like a prison to me,
and for a while I hated it so,
but in time I truly was grateful
those mommies do love me I know.

I know that Itzhac waits for me,
and maybe my step – brother too,
together we’ll roam kitty heaven
and enjoy the things kitties do.

My mommy is writing about me
she thinks I’m a one -of -a -kind,
she says that I’ve always been special,
but now I must leave her behind.

She says she will never replace me,
and I’ll always be near to her heart,
someday she will join her lost kitties,
it’s only for now we must part.

From Mom:
Two months ago I wrote for you ,
the verses preceding this;
today you left this earthly place,
and you’re already sadly missed.
All you had to give was love
and you gave it oh so well,
and how much we loved you, Mosha
there are no words to tell!

Copyright G.Petrone 2003
All Rights Reserved


26, July 2003
Geraldine & Maria Petrone