MOUSEMEAT by Gayle Wilbert-Paoletti

Miss Mousemeat

There she was all full of dirt
Crying away in the wood pile.
Mary Jo and Dad found her the little flirt
They cleaned her loved her of course went the mile.

I saw her so tiny so full of mischief
White fur blue eyes absolutely irresistable
We had to have her no doubt about that
So home she came a new life now complete.

We named her Mousemeat don’t ask me why
Seemed so right after all she is a hunter
She grew up so fast all the shots
battle wounds for such a small fry
But she took over claimed her stake not one of us dare stir!.

She loved Agostino ever so watchful
Following him in the garden one end to the other.
Round and round his legs she’d go
Lots of pets hugs and at times she wouldn’t let go!

She loved her tuna treats “Boy again what luck!”
She heard the opener miles away.
Her cute little face blue eyes at me looking up
She licked the bowl clean then off to her favorite place to stay.

It was so fun watching her follow the sun ’round the yard
Rolling in the dirt happily meowing
She loved her tummy rubbed and her little paws kissed
Sleeping for hours now the robins no longer on guard!

I can’t believe she is gone now
After 14 years of joy indeed it has been
We loved her had fun with her nursed her when she was sick
Mousemeat you’ve been such a faithful friend.

Goodbye Miss Mousemeat.
We will miss your meows hugs scratches
your bells in the morning and your early morning stretches.

Gayle Wilbert-Paoletti


28, September 2000
Gayle Wilbert-Paoletti